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Dura21 was founded with a clear mission and mandate: to offer the best value wear resistant solutions to industrial companies. This mission was carefully crafted after experiencing firsthand some of the problems and challenges industrial companies experience on a daily basis: expensive maintenance efforts and costs, production shutdowns due to failure or overly frequent maintenance requirements, capital and labour costs associated with ensuring smooth operation, waste concerns, and more.


Founded in 2002, Dura21 started to develop techniques, methods and processes to extend the life of metal parts for various industries and applications, ranging from mining, lumber, automotive, dentistry and more. The results after a few years of research and development were very promising, as prototypes and complementary lab results demonstrated great results. The company then decided to focus its efforts on solutions to high-abrasion applications in and around pipeline systems, where the impact and value to clients are significantly high.


From the beginning, our products demonstrated extraordinary results in the field and yielded great returns to our clients, exceeding expectations on many levels.


In the past five years, Dura21 worked to develop, design, process and automate techniques to substantially extend the life cycle of metal parts for high-abrasion applications. Our products, and many of our techniques and processes are patent protected, or patent pending.


Currently, many of Dura21’s products are installed in many sites and locations, outperforming conventional metal products, delivering the peace of mind, the cost-benefit and huge savings to our clients.

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