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We work with clients using our results-driven Duragenic® process to identify and address issues, overcome challenges, and meet their needs for reliable products and solutions that work and last in severe-service industrial facilities. Together with our clients, we work to deliver the right solution and products with the best value-add in the marketplace.


We deliver the following:

  • The know-how and the knowledge embedded in our products and solutions for best results

  • Clear analysis of the value and ROI of our parts as deployed in your operation

  • Our Technical Team employs all available materials, technologies and methodologies to develop solutions, e.g., application data analysis, technical review, testing and evaluation services (metal strengthening and hardening, deep cryogenic treatment, abrasion and corrosion-resistant consumables, and speciality alloys and material selection)

  • Opportunity to increase efficiencies within your production process

  • Increased safety and health profile

  • Environmental Benefits and Quantifiable Carbon Offset

  • Deep Cryogenic Treatment Services for existing Assets, Tooling, Equipment and Machinery life extension and performance improvement

This external innovation approach keeps us in touch with needs in the industry

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