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What We Do

Put the best wear resistance solution in your hands

  • Help you perform better – Our products and solutions allow you to better utilize your systems, machines, and other resources to generate more output in a given time.

  • Reduces shutdown periods due to failure or maintenance – With parts that last longer, the frequency of replacement and/or maintenance drops significantly.

  • More production time potentially means more revenue opportunities for you.

  • Increased reliability and predictability – With our products you have peace of mind in terms of performance and durability; products you can trust.

  • Safer than many products out there – The safety that comes with our solutions is multifaceted: from environmental aspects, to lower toxicity, to the safety and health of your employees on the ground.

Deliver the best value, and return for your money

  • Best long-term price per production output unit ever

  • Cross-organizational cost saving

  • Reduce consumable, labour, and capital costs

  • Environmental benefits; carbon benefits. Our experience with many of the installations we have done shows that one Dura21 Blue© product could replace 6-8 conventional products. This is about 85% lower carbon footprint, which could mean monetary benefits with the new carbon legislation in many jurisdictions around the globe.

Give you the Peace of Mind you strive for

  • Tailored solutions that fit your needs – we work with you and apply our methods, experience, and knowledge to address your opportunities. We mutually target the most cost benefits, vulnerable areas.

  • Durable – Our solutions and products work and last longer.

  • The right partner to work with - We see our clients as partners, working together to achieve better outcomes and superior performance. Our word is our bond.  

  • On time! Rapid response where needed – Partners help each other whenever needed, wherever needed, on time! We know that when productions is down due to a failure it comes with a very high price tag of lost production and resources diverted to fix it. You can count on us to support you when you need it most.

  • Reduce surprises and unpredictable failures – We not only support our clients when they need us, but also help them to reduce and/or eliminate failures, surprises, and production downtime episodes.

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