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 Extreme- Durability Pipes and Fittings

For Safer, Greener,

More Profitable Mines

What We Do

The Best Wear Solution For You

Perform better 

Better utilize your teams, systems, machines, and other resources to generate more output.

Reduce shutdown periods  

Durable parts significantly reduce time and labour costs for replacement and maintenance. More uptime means more revenue opportunities.

Increased reliability and predictability

Products you can trust give you peace of mind in terms of performance and durability. 


The safety that comes with our solutions is multifaceted: from environmental aspects, to lower toxicity, to the safety and health of your employees.

Lengthen Lifecycle Performance and
Improve Production Costs.
The Best Value and Return for Your Money

Best long-term price per production output unit ever

Cross-organizational cost saving

Reduce consumable, labour, and capital costs

Total life-cycle cost savings:

Fewer replacements, reduced shutdowns, reduced overall costs

Environmental and Carbon Benefits 

Often one Dura21 Blue© product replaces 6-8 conventional products, an 85% lower carbon footprint, which could mean monetary benefits related to carbon legislation.

Clearly Demonstrated 
Performance, Value 
and ROI. 
Peace of Mind

Reduce surprises and unpredictable failures 

Our solutions help reduce and/or eliminate failures, surprises, and unplanned production downtime episodes.

Tailored solutions to fit your needs

We work with you and apply our methods, experience, and knowledge to to identify and address your greatest vulnerabilities, and opportunities for savings.

The right partner to work with

We work with clients as partners, working together to achieve the best solutions. 


On time. Rapid response where needed  

You can count on us to support you when you need it most. Whenever, wherever, and on time. 

Less Downtime.
More Mining.

Outperform Comparable Parts by as Much as 20 Times

Mines and mills count on Dura21

for margin-boosting savings

that come from profound improvements

in rate of mining, productivity, and throughput of water and effluent,

significant reductions in downtime, and improvements in miner safety from fewer failures and routine change-outs.

What We Do


The Duragenic Process We provide Leadership in the delivery of wear resistant solutions, Excellence in quality and service, and Integrity in the way we partner with clients and build our corporate culture.

Wear Life

Dura21 abrasion resistance solutions succeed where ordinary piping systems fail.

Value Add

Easily demonstrated value and repayment period superior to standard parts and other solutions.

Multi Industry Applications

Wear Solutions for milling, mining, manufacturing, and heavy industries.

Custom Fabrication

Tailored solutions and products that fit your needs.


Large and small, and across multiple industries, Dura21 takes pride in our track record and the solutions we have developed with and delivered for our clients.



For any inquiries, questions or support, please call us, send us an email to or fill out the following form.

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Sudbury Office

1545 Maley Dr.

Sudbury, On P3A 4R7


Tel: (705) 419-2401

Fax: (888) 431-6638

To apply for a job with Dura21 please send your resume and cover letter to:


We provide Leadership in the delivery of wear resistant solutions, Excellence in quality and service, and Integrity in the way we partner with clients and build our corporate culture. 


“As Manager of the Vale Copper Cliff Mine, I am pleased with the performance of Dura21 products. They have saved us time and money due to the longer wear cycles for parts, reduction in the number of change outs required and less production downtime in our backfilling process. They are high recommended as a preferred supplier of wear parts to our facilities. Great service too! ”

—  Dave Duncan, Mine Manager,
Copper Cliff Mine, 
Vale, Ontario Operations


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